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100freedailyspins| Xiaomi Group-W spent HK$47.3998 million to repurchase 3 million shares: price per share of HK$15.76 -15.82

Newsletter summary

Xiaomi Group-W (01810) invested about HK $47.4 million on April 22nd, 2024.100freedailyspins, at 15100freedailyspins.76-15100freedailyspinsBuy back 3 million shares within a range of HK $82.

Text of news flash

[Xiaomi Group spends HK $47.3998 million on share buyback]-Xiaomi Group-W (01810) conducted a share buyback operation on April 22, 2024, involving 3 million shares with a repurchase price range of HK $15.76 to HK $15.82. the total capital investment is about HK $47.3998 million.

The share buyback shows Xiaomi Group's confidence in its market performance and development prospects. The move also sends a positive market signal to investors and may have a positive impact on the secondary market.

Market analysts believe that Xiaomi's move may trigger a re-evaluation of the company's share price, which may be a noteworthy investment opportunity for investors.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi Group's buyback operation follows the relevant laws and regulations and is carried out in strict accordance with market rules.

100freedailyspins| Xiaomi Group-W spent HK.3998 million to repurchase 3 million shares: price per share of HK.76 -15.82

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