freecryptogamesandroid| Sudden! Five senior executives of Jiangxin Fund left office at the same time! What happened?


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Author: Zhang Lingzhi

In one day, five executives left at the same time, which is rare in the fund industry.

On May 11, Jiangxin Fund announced that all five executives left office on May 10, one of them retired and the other four left for personal reasons.

Behind the departure of the five senior executives at the same time is the scale that Jiangxin Fund has been "not growing up" and the embarrassing situation of not making a single base and losing money for seven years in a row.

Five senior executives leave office in one day

On May 11, Jiangxin Fund issued a senior management change announcement that Deputy General Manager Zheng Yu, Wang Anliang, Li Zhen, Wang Peng and Chief Information Officer Fu Ming all left office on May 10, 2024.

freecryptogamesandroid| Sudden! Five senior executives of Jiangxin Fund left office at the same time! What happened?

Among them, Zheng Yu left office for retirement reasons, and the other four left office for personal reasons.

The announcement shows that after the former chief information officer leaves office, the company's general manager will take over as the company's chief information officer.

According to public data, Yuan Liang has successively worked in the Dajing Road Office of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the business departments of Changcai Securities Co., Ltd., the business departments of Hengtai Securities Co., Ltd., and the Institutional Trading Department of Hengtai Securities Co., Ltd., asset management department of Hengtai Securities Co., Ltd., successive general manager of business department, general manager of brokerage business in Beijing and general manager of institutional business department. Deputy general manager of institutional trading department and deputy general manager of asset management department. Since February 2020, he has worked for Jiangxin Fund Management Co., Ltd. as the director of institutional business headquarters, and served as executive deputy general manager of the company from June 2022 to September 2023. From October 2023 to now, he was the general manager, financial officer of Jiangxin Fund Management Co., Ltd., and the person in charge and director of Shanghai Branch.

After the departure of the five executives, there is only one general manager, a deputy general manager and an inspector general left, according to Wind.

How does the Jiangxin FundFreecryptogamesandroidWasFreecryptogamesandroid?

Jiangxin Fund was established on January 28, 2013 and is registered in Beijing. According to Wind data, as of May 11, 2024, the size of Jiangxin Fund under management is 28.Freecryptogamesandroid.53 billion yuan, non-cargo scale 20.Freecryptogamesandroid.12 billion yuan. Looking at the historical scale of the company, since its establishment, the management scale of the company has only exceeded 3 billion yuan at the end of individual quarters, and the management scale of the company has been maintained at about 2 billion yuan most of the time.

Data show that, so far, there are 9 funds under the Jiangxin Fund, except for two flexible allocation of mixed funds, the rest are bonds or currency funds. At present, there are eight fund managers in Jiangxin Fund, only three of whom are managing the fund, of which Ma Chaoran is in charge of six funds alone.

It is worth mentioning that the Jiangxin Fund has not been issued in seven years-no new products have been established for seven consecutive years since the establishment of the Jiangxin profit-increasing currency in August 2017. Some industry insiders pointed out that shareholder Guosheng Financial Control continued to change in recent years, resulting in more obstacles to the newly issued fund of its Jiangxin Fund, and therefore missed the golden period of development.

The shareholders of Jiangxin Fund include Guosheng Securities, Yingtan Jufu Investment Management Co., Ltd., Yingtan Hongshi Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Jiangxi Golden Kirin Investment Co., Ltd. Among them, Guosheng Securities holds 30% of the shares, while the rest of the shareholders hold 17.5%.

According to the 2023 annual report, Jiangxin Fund has an operating income of 16.685 million yuan and a net profit of-45.695 million yuan in 2023. In 2022, the company's net profit is-66.7115 million yuan; in 2021, the net profit of Jiangxin Fund is-21.1589 million yuan. Even in the big bull market in 2020, the company still lost 10.3472 million yuan.

According to the annual report, on April 21, 2023, due to problems in financial management and regulatory reports, Jiangxin Fund was ordered by the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau to correct administrative supervision measures, and corresponding administrative supervision measures were taken for relevant responsible personnel.