supremepinballmachine| International Thyroid Awareness Week| How to protect the health of the "life gland"? Do nodules require intervention?


China Economic Network, Beijing, May 27 (Reporter Guo Wenpei) thyroid is the largest in the human bodySupremepinballmachineThe endocrine glands play an important role in regulating body growth, development and metabolism. The week of May 25 every year is International thyroid knowledge week, and this year is the 16th International thyroid knowledge week. During the publicity week, a number of industry experts exchanged views on thyroid disease management and popular science education.

Multi-dimensional guardianship, thyroid disease needs lifelong management

The theme of this year's International thyroid knowledge week is "thyroid disease is also a chronic disease". This not only points out the practical significance of protecting thyroid gland from the perspective of prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, but also suggests that the public should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases and improve the cognitive level and protection ability of thyroid health.

Shan Zhongyan, deputy director of the Endocrinology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, said that the thyroid gland is an organ that secretes thyroid hormones, and once the disease occurs, it will lead to abnormal structure, function, and immunity. Among them, structural abnormalities are manifested in goiter and thyroid nodules, functional abnormalities lead to hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism) and hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism). Immune abnormalities refer to immune disorders specific to thyroid specific antigens. The harm caused by these abnormalities affects the whole life cycle and increases the potential risks such as abnormal blood glucose and blood lipids, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and so on. As the early onset of thyroid disease is not easy to detect, public health education should be strengthened to improve the overall level of prevention and treatment of thyroid disease.

Nowadays, many people judge whether the thyroid is healthy or not by "whether there are nodules". Fang Jugao, consultant and former chairman of the thyroid Disease Branch of the China Association for the Promotion of International Exchange of Medical and Health Care, said that most thyroid nodules are benign, and medical means such as ultrasound and blood tests should be used to judge the "correct solution." if there are any abnormalities, scientific medication should be used. It should be reminded that genetic inheritance, dietary preferences, local iodine content, individual quality and other factors are the causes of thyroid disease, the public must develop good living habits.

Iodine is an essential trace element for the human body and participates in the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency is easy to cause systemic diseases, and salt iodization is the main measure to prevent and cure iodine deficiency, which not only effectively prevents and treats iodine deficiency disorders, but also avoids the harm of iodine excess. " Teng Weiping, honorary chairman of the Endocrinology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and vice president of the Asian thyroid Association, popularized the relationship between iodine intake and thyroid diseases from the perspective of scientific use of iodine, and suggested that iodine supplementation should be moderate, neither insufficient nor excessive, "what is missing, what is missing, how much is missing, and how much is missing, no more or more is old."

As a common chronic disease, many thyroid diseases need lifelong management. Shan Zhongyan gives suggestions from many aspects: "reasonable diet, moderate exercise, adequate rest, scientific intake of iodine and other methods are helpful to improve the condition."SupremepinballmachinePatients who need thyroid hormone supplement should take the medicine on time and according to the doctor's advice, and should not stop the drug or adjust the dose at will according to subjective judgment, so as not to affect the curative effect or cause the fluctuation of the disease; according to their own condition, regularly review the relevant indicators of thyroid function, cooperate with the doctor to adjust the treatment plan to ensure a stable hormone level; keep communication with the attending doctor to understand their own condition, reduce anxiety due to illness, and enhance treatment confidence. "

Scientific testing, early screening and early benefit

As a key link of health management, health detection promotes the "three early" landing of thyroid and other chronic diseases, delays the course of disease and complications, and then promotes disease prevention and treatment. The public should pay attention to thyroid function and ultrasonic screening during physical examination, so as to make a diagnosis in time and avoid causing delay to the disease.

Wu Jing, director of the chronic Disease Center of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases should follow the general rules of the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and promote the "three early days" of the thyroid gland. "as thyroid disease has the characteristics of high incidence but low awareness rate and low diagnosis rate, it is suggested that we should practice the concept of 'early screening' and make full use of physical examination methods such as thyroid function and ultrasonic screening, which can help patients to make early diagnosis and treatment and benefit early. effectively promote the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases." Wu Jing called on all parties to make concerted efforts to promote the prevention and control of thyroid diseases and effectively implement the concept of health management.

supremepinballmachine| International Thyroid Awareness Week| How to protect the health of the "life gland"? Do nodules require intervention?

"with the gradual enhancement of national health literacy, people pay more and more attention to health testing. However, because the thyroid disease is too 'low-key', there is a misunderstanding of its cognition by the public, which leads to insufficient attention to thyroid health tests such as thyroid screening. " Ma Han, director of the Health examination Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital and vice chairman of the Health Management Branch of the Beijing Medical Association, said that in order to promote the effective landing of thyroid disease prevention and treatment, it is necessary to raise the awareness of thyroid function screening among the public, especially key groups. According to Ma Ying, Jia Gong screening belongs to the scope of the basic items of health examination and is a routine "must-answer question" of health examination. Among them, the thyroid function test mainly includes seven indicators. Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) is a more sensitive and economical index to judge the state of thyroid function, and it is a screening item suitable for the whole life population. It is suggested that different combinations of screening items such as three, five and seven items of thyroid function can be selected according to personal medical history, family history and economic situation, so as to protect thyroid health through comprehensive and comprehensive testing.